Janitorial: A sound, thorough cleaning program consists of a multitude of services and frequencies.  Our PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE is our way of putting down on paper in concise, clear language the essential details that we propose. The determination of frequencies and extent of services are absolutely necessary before anyone can establish a price. We use no "rule of thumb" when it comes to pricing a job. We do a careful build-up of costs in accordance with the PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE in order to establish a fair price.

That is why the PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE is important to BOTH of us. It is our way of communicating and actually lays the foundation on which both of us can communicate successfully. COMMUNICATION!!! Something that is getting rarer these days. We here at V I P Janitorial By Mike, Inc. are conscious of this and we take full advantage of our communication skills. We call you back immediately! Or, in case of a note, we acknowledge it the very same night, either by answer or simply by doing what is requested. We know full well that to keep you and your personnel satisfied, we must act quickly and efficiently. We do not have supervisors, we ourselves do all supervising, in fact we do almost all of the work within our family circle. Our reputation is more important to us than any account or client. This might seem harsh or hard to some, but in this world, one of the qualities that is sadly lacking is the CONCERN FOR OTHERS AND THEIR WELFARE. By our quality coming to the forefront, we show that concern for others because of their ability to use the restroom or know that they can eat in a clean and sanitized environment.

Care of the RESTROOMS:

Restrooms are an extremely sensitive area from your standpoint. It is here that people -- whether employees or customers -- form a daily judgment of management's concern for their health, comfort and well being. Furthermore, the work environment is a strong determinant of the productivity and attitude of employees toward their management. With this in mind, V I P Janitorial By Mike, Inc. is especially conscious of our responsibility when it comes to care of sanitizing of the restrooms.


A full sanitizing program will be instituted along similar lines as the restrooms on a daily basis. The floors will be damp mopped daily with a bactericidal solution to provide surfaces with a residual bactericide to pathogenic organisms. Our know-how and skill, COUPLED WITH OUR CONCERN AND EXPERIENCE, provides a total program in which product, equipment and techniques are coordinated. This is the best guarantee for quality performance.


We have submitted a level of service we think should have in keeping with the function of your building. This gets to be difficult at times. Perhaps you may have suggestions and requests to make in order to tailor a service to your precise requirements and specifications. You may find it necessary, perhaps to "pare down" the service we propose to meet a more modest budget. This we can do, provided the level of service does not fall below a desirable minimum whereby our reputation would be impaired. WE HERE AT V I P JANITORIAL BY MIKE, INC. FEEL THAT OUR REPUTATION IS MORE IMPORTANT TO US THAN CUTTING PRICES TO THE BONE IN ORDER TO GET YOUR BUSINESS. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR THE LOW BID PRICE ACCOUNT AND THEN SUBMITTING A BID WITH THE IDEA OF CUTTING DOWN ON SERVICES PERFORMED!! To be very honest with you, we have spent years in the janitorial business and built up a perfect record of services rendered. We are not going to let that reputation be washed down the drain by bad and low bid cleaning. WE ARE LOOKING FOR THOSE CONCERNED WITH QUALITY AND NOT BASING THEIR DECISION ON A LOW BID!! We know that you too share this same concern to maintain a desirable standard. We here at V I P are willing to communicate but not sacrifice quality.

Estimates are free and our 18 page proposal will answer most questions and concerns.

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